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Honest Sisters

Renuka and Gomita aged 12 and 10 were daughters of  vegetable vendor at Poorna market. One afternoon, the children asked their father to give them money so that they could go to the exhibition that evening. Their father replied, "Children, I don't have that much money to give you, so, its better you go for a walk on the sea-shore".

One evening both the sisters got ready to go to the beach. Being summer, it was pleasant to walk on the beach with the soft cool breeze blowing and they walked hand-in-hand.


They completely forgot their disappointment and were in high spirits while they watched the waves in the sea, children playing with balls on the sand, a few boys & girls  wetting their feet while sitting on the rocks, 3 horses  galloping with children on their backs along with the horsemen and some children along with their elders building sand castles.

The two girls had real fun, and played in the water for sometime.  When they were tired, they sat on the steps near the pavement. They bought 2 raw mango pieces, 2 bajjis and 'moori' mixture worth 5 Rupees.