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It's not only studies, studies and studies alone, for this can make 'Jack a dull boy'. For those of you who are interested in any extra-curricular activities, here are a few of the places you could to try out to explore your  talents.

Music :

If you're keen on trying your hand at the Guitar, Casio (Key Board), Piano, you could join the Elsa Melody House - (East Point Colony).

Computers :

For  smart kids who wish to sharpen their net skills, learn the fundas from Institutes like I.T. Kids (Siripuram Junction, close to Karachiwala), 4th R (CBM Compound), NIIT Leda (Lawsons Bay).

Dance :

Aspiring to be a classical dancer ? - Kalabharathi and Visakha Dance Academy would be able to give you the necessary information. Visit the YMCA and you can learn how to Rock 'n' Roll.


The skating rink at the Vuda Park and Shivaji Park are probably the only places where you could skate away and have many a toss. Experienced teachers are readily available to train you.

Kung Fu & Karate  Click here for more

Is being taught at various institutes and colonies.