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It is better to breathe through the nose than through the mouth...

The nose performs two very important functions when you breathe in.  It warms the air and cleans it. The air is warmed by passing over the many small blood vessels that lie close to the surface within the nose. It is cleaned by passing through tiny hairs and over slimy mucus that is produced by special glands.  This mucus also helps kill germs.

hich is the biggest eater in the animal kingdom?

Blue Whale

In terms of sheer bulk, the blue whale must take the prize. Every time it takes a mouthful of shrimp - like krill ( mass of tiny shellfish ), it

swallows literally thousands upon thousands of individuals. When full, the blue whale's stomach can hold as much as 2.5 tonnes of krill.

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Which are the largest and oldest trees in the world?
Why do Synthetic fabrics dry so quickly?