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Indian Festivals

India is a land of festivals. This month's quiz is based on the important festivals of India.

First, click on the empty box with the help of the mouse. Then choose the answer from the colourful festival strips given on either side of the question table and click on the strip of your choice. The festival on the strip gets displayed in the empty box. Once you have completed answering all the questions click on the
Submit button to see your results.

is also known as Nariyal Purnima.

means Bond of Protection.

Kerala's greatest and gayest festival

Parsi's call their New Year day as

It is considered unlucky to look at the moon on

is the month of fasting.

is performed for 9 days in Bengal.

Lakshmi is worshipped during

At Gurudwaras are organized on GuruParb.

St. Nicholas is better known as


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