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* What did one eye say to the other ?        
Between us there's something that smells. 
* What is the cheapest way to post somebody?
Just stamp on their foot.
* Abhay  : I can read  something which no one else in the school can.
Vallab  : What ! Some new language ?
Abhay  : No, my handwriting.
* Definitions :
School : A place where teachers teach to earn and students learn to earn.
Bus     : Which runs faster when you are after it than when you are in it. 

Why do people feel stronger on Sundays?
Because all the other days are week days (weak days).

* What do you get when a cow is in an earthquake? A MILKSHAKE
* What did the dog say when he sat on the sandpaper? RUFF! RUFF!
* Dentist : Please stop howling. I haven't even touched you yet.
Patient : I know, but you are treading on my foot.
* What did one wall say to the other? We'll meet in the corner.