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ACB officials trap Head Constable:

A head constable from the crime wing in Pendurthi Police Station was caught red-handed by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), while demanding and accepting a bribe amount of Rs. 18,000, from a complainant here on Tuesday. The head constable was identified as Appalaswamy Dora.

Based on a complaint, the ACB team led by DSP Kinjarapu Ramakrishna Prasad, laid a trap and caught the HC while accepting the bribe.

According to the ACB, DSP, the accused seized a van belonging to one Mary and which was used to transport scrap material collected by the rag pickers, on February 18. Mary collects the scrap material collected by the rag pickers and once in 15 days loads the material onto the van and sends it to a scrap merchant in the city.

When Mary approached the police station to get the van released, the head constable accused her of transporting stolen material and even said that the van was a stolen once, despite her producing the van papers.

Appalaswamy Dora demanded a bribe of Rs. 20,000 for releasing the van. He approached her shop on Monday and negotiated the deal for Rs. 18,000.

On Tuesday, he came to the shop in a bike and asked her to place the money in the cover over the petrol tank. After receiving the money, he handed the vehicle keys and asked Mary to take away the van.

The ACB officials who were present at the spot, caught him red-handed. The motorbike and the cash of Rs. 18,000 were also seized. According to Mr. Ramakrishna Prasad, the head constable will be arrested and produced before the ACB Special Judge on Wednesday.

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