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Unauthorised 34th National Junior Taekwondo Championships at Visakhapatnam from February 27 to 1st March, 2015:

1. It is learnt that Sh. Raj Kakoti, claiming to be acting president TFI, has circulated invitations for the above mentioned Championships.

2. The president IOA has already clarified on this issue vide his letter dated 01-12-2014.

3. For conducting the above event, referees have also been invited from states as well. Certain unscrupulous elements in stated are reported to be collecting money from athletes and officials in the name of above event. This is a serious violation of TFI Rules and Regulations.

4. Mr.p.Atchuta Reddy claimimg to be the TFI Executive Council Member and General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Association stands expelled by TFI and no more authorised to conduct any activities under the aegis of TFI. This has been passed by the TFI AGM at Gurgon on 22-02-2015.

5. Similarly, Mr Raj Kakoti also stands expelled from TFI. Legal notices are being issued to all the defaulters shortly as per the decision of AGM.

6. As on date, Assam STA stand defunct having not conducted elections for more than 4 years as per records available in this office and not complying with the provisions of Art. 14 of TFI Constitution.

7. It is clarified that the 34th National Junior Taekwondo Championships at Visakhapatnam, AP conducted on the invitation of Expelled official of TFI is unauthorised and does not have the sanction of TFI affliated with IOA.

8. It is further clarified that any cerficates/medals issued to the winners and participants will not be recognised by the federation at all.

9. The certificates are not valid, thus ineligible for any benefits under the government schemes for any cash rewards.

10. TFI recognises only the 34th National Junior Taekwondo Championships conducted at Bengaluru from January 8-10, 2015.

11. Indian Team for 8th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships at Taipei, Chinese Taipei will be selected amongst the Gold ans Silver medallists of Bengaluru Championships, who will be invited to National Camp Shortly..

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