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Ice Skating selections held at VMRDA park

14 skaters have been selected to represent Andhra Pradesh for ice skating. These skaters will participate in 16th national ice skating championship on August 29 and 30 organised by Ice Skating Association of India. The championship will be held in iSKATE, Gurgaon. The skaters selected in various categories include age groups of below 10, 10 to 13, 13 to 15, 15 to 19 and above 19. Priyam Tated, J.B. Jain, A. Pal, G. Abhinav, A. Pual and M.R.S. Teja are among those selected. General secretary, Winter Games Association of Andhra Pradesh, Mahendra Tated, said the selections were held at VUDA Park Skating Rink during the past three days. A training camp would be organised before the national championship at I-skate from August 25 to 28. Last year, the Andhra Pradesh team won the overall championship. AP pin hopes on Vizag boy Priyam Tated who has been winning gold medal in the past four years. A. Pavan Kumar will be the coach at the camp while senior coaches from Delhi and Dehradun would also participate in the training camp.

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