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Erra Matti Dibbalu appreciation visit of the West side - By Jayshree Hatangadi

The Erra Matti Diballu, Red Sand Dunes, epic story started as far back as 1.8 million years ago and stretched across the broad canvas of geological time to around 10,000 years ago. On 25-10-2020 we were there for 2hrs. with 65+ Geo Heritage enthusiasts, this was the west side of EMD, the first time for many. It was breathtaking looking eastwards. Nature, over millennia, has sculpted and painted this spectacular landscape on a huge canvas. Opening our senses and immersing ourselves in the panoramic view, the soothing sounds and smells, is a spiritual experience. Something so close to us members our Vizag’s National Geo Heritage site. ...less than 2 sq.kms is left in this pristine condition. The area requires our regular follow up and attention ---Jayshree Hatangadi

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