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Tis the season for littering

Hark, picnickers its that time of the year
When theres a nip in the air and the skies are clear
Butterflies flitting, birds (and ministers) twittering
and of course - hordes of picnickers littering!

Yes, Karthik Masam is finally here
Take out the pulihara, boiled eggs and beer
Pack the iddlys with great care
Afterwards chuck the packets anywhere

On the beaches, in the zoo
In temple compounds too
In the bushes of green Kambalkonda
Dump the pack that wrapped your alu bonda

Decorate plastic on the trees
Let them flutter in the breeze
Dont forget those used foil plates
You can throw them at the gates

Forgive me if I cant write poetry
I never had a proper college degree
But I ask you to join me and kindly pray
That lightening strike these goddamn littering picnickers!
- ya ... it dont rhyme but who the hell cares!

(Disclaimer: This article is written in jest - and does not really ask for a divine lightening strike of 163,000.65 watts to descend on their heads and char them, or hurt them in any way - it means no real harm to those sweet littering picnickers)
Sohan Hatangadi

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