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Youth in custody gives police the slip:

A medical PG student from Vijayawada, who was arrested by the One Town Police for harassing a girl PG student of Andhra Medical College, escaped from the custody on Wednesday night. This apparently has upset the Commissioner of Police (in-charge) Atul Singh, who has asked the Inspector of One Town Police to file a report.

A fresh case against the accused under IPC Section 221 (escape from legal custody) was also booked.

The accused, P. Kalyan Chakravarthi alias Kalyan, was actually a friend of the girl and they were classmates during the under-graduate days.

Since both hailed from the same community, at one point of time there was also a talk for an alliance, which was agreed by the parents also. But it was later dropped. At that point, the girl, who is the daughter of an Additional SP rank police officer, asked the boy to stay away.

This appears to have not gone well with the boy and he kept on visiting Visakhapatnam and pestering the girl. Unable to bear the harassment, the parents of the girl booked a case in One Town Police Station and the boy was taken into custody on Tuesday under IPC Sections 354, 354B, 355, 341 and 506. On Wednesday, he gave the police the slip and escaped from the police station.

Report sought

According to Mr. Atul Singh, crime against women is on the rise and such negligence cannot be tolerated. “The boy, despite knowing the background of the girl, had the courage to harass her. Such people can go to any extent. I have initiated a disciplinary action and asked the officers concerned to submit a detailed report,” Mr. Atul Singh told The Hindu.

It is reported that a crowd of about 60 persons from two communities gathered at the police station demanding the whereabouts of a six-year-old boy who went missing from Kotha Reeliveedhi, a few days ago. Taking advantage of the commotion, the accused escaped from the custody.

The accused, a medico from Vijayawada, was taken into custody on Tuesday on the charge of harassing a girl in the city

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