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Vizag Safe For Women. No More

The peace in Vizag is shattered. The tranquility and safe haven that women have enjoyed in Vizag is no more. A shocking gang rape of a Sikkimese woman in Gajuwaka dispels the illusion that Vizag is safe for women. The police has already taken the accused into custody and the shocking revelation is that one of the accused is a minor.

The accused are Ch Purushottam(22), V Venkata Kumar(22), Harsha(19) and one more. The accused got into the house while posing as police officers who were inspecting houses for an alleged prostitution racket. While the minor and another accused took away the womans three children, the others forced themselves on the woman. The woman though warned against reporting to authorities, told her husband who went to police with the information. They asked for money as bribe after searching the house before committing this heinous act.In a locality which is never known to be called the wrong side of town, this incident is a shocker. In recent times, with the rise of crimes against women in Vijaywada and other districts, the curse has come to Vizag. Though safer than Delhi and other crime capitals of India, Vizag has a more or less unspoilt image of safe haven which is disturbed now.

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