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Two persons arrested in realtor kidnap case

The city police arrested two persons Prasad alias Karnata Prasad and Ramreddy alias Pratap Reddy involved in realtor Jami Suresh kidnap case on Friday (10-07-2020).

Commissioner of Police R K Meena said four persons kidnapped realtor J Suresh Kumar and his friend A S N L Raju and demanded a ransom of Rs 5 crore. Business transactions and rice-pulling transactions were found to be the main reasons for the kidnapping. The kidnappers allegedly threatened the duo with sword and gun.

Suresh told the kidnappers that he could pay only a part of the ransom demanded by them and the rest in the form of gold jewellery. When the kidnappers went to their home, his wife refused to part with gold since he had already sold jewellery several times.

Meanwhile Suresh’s son, who grew suspicious seeing injury marks on his father, called up 100 and alerted the police. On noticing the arrival of the police team, the abductors fled. Meena said basing on circumstantial evidence, they identified the accused and arrested them.

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