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Motor vehicle inspector booked by Anti-Corruption Bureau for disproportionate assests

Officials from the Central Investigation Unit (CIU) of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) continued the search operations at the houses and properties belonging to Saragadam Venkata Rao, Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (AMVI), in the wee hours of Sunday (11-11-2018) and unearthed more illegal assets.

The ACB sleuths searched the houses of the officers driver S. Shankar Rao, his nephew Suresh and another person. The searches began late on Saturday (10-11-2018) night and continued till 4 a.m. on Sunday (11-11-2018).

ACB DSP (CIU) Ramadevi said that two suitcases belonging to Venkata Rao were stashed at the Gopalapatnam house of one J. Srinivasa Rao, a gas mechanic by profession. During the searches, we found discovered the suitcases containing 2.25 kg gold, Rs. 11 lakh cash, 10 promissory notes and property documents worth Rs. 1.2 crore. The two suitcases were allegedly given to Srinivasa Rao by Lakshmi Madhuri, a relative of the officer.

Lakshmi Madhuri received one suitcase two years ago, while another was given to her by the officer just 10 days ago, Ms. Ramadevi told the media here on 11-11-2018 (Sunday). Further, another suitcase containing Rs. 4.50 lakh was found at house of the officers nephew Kalla Suresh at Gopalpatnam and Rs. 3.40 lakh in cash was recovered from the house of Shankar Rao at Aripaka in Sabbavaram mandal.

S. Venkata Rao was arrested on 10-11-2018 (Saturday) on charges of amassing wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income.

The value of properties seized from him so far has been estimated to be more than Rs. 5 crore and the market value is expected to be between Rs. 60 crore and Rs. 70 crore. At present, the accused officer is in remand.

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