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Job racket comes to light:

The Bheemunipatnam police are on the verge of cracking an alleged pan-India job racket.

According to the SHO of Beemunipatnam Police Station, Appalanaidu, the racket has come to light after a job seeker from the coastal town lodged a complaint on April 10.

A Delhi-based company has been promoting offer for jobs in various foreign destinations such as Dubai, Singapore, and Malaysia and at the initial stage itself it charged a registration fee of Rs. 30,000 and later when it sends an offer letter from some firm, the company would demand the first month salary from the gullible job seekers for further processing.

According to the SHO, the complainant, one Pravin, paid the registration fee and was given an offer letter from Forever 21, an MNC merchandise company, with placement at Dubai.

Talking to The Hindu, Mr. Pravin said that he grew suspicious after he noticed that the Indian Post had Emirates stamp date of January 2013. “I browsed the Internet and even spoke to the authentic persons in Forever 21 and came to understand that no recruitment is done from India and it was a case of fraud. When I got back to the consultancy firm, they panicked and cancelled my offer letter and sent me back some amount that I had paid. Of which one cheque of Rs. 10,000 has bounced,” he said.

Mr. Pravin said that he had formed a group of about 15 such gullible persons across the country.

Mr. Appalanaidu said that on verification it was found that the company was registered with only the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and not with the Ministry of External Affairs and Department of Emigration, which is essential for overseas job consultancy firms.

He further said that the investigation process was still on and would be sending an officer to New Delhi shortly for further examination and to arrest the accused.

Probe is on and the accused will be arrested, say the police

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