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Held on charge of smuggling ganja:

The Rolugunta police on Friday arrested 48-year-old Appilisetti Ramana and seized 120 kgs of dry ganja when he was transporting the contraband from Bena Bhupala Patnam in Visakhapatnam district.

The police said Ramana a habitual ganja smuggler had earned lakhs of rupees from the illegal trade and had purchased huge chunks of lands in and around Bena Bhupala Patnam.

Though Ramana was detained by the Visakhapatnam Rural police in 2008 under Section 3 of AP Prevention of Dangerous Activities of drug offenders Act-1986, popularly known as the PD Act, he went back to his old-ways after being released from the prison and was supplying the contraband to Hyderabad, Vijayawada and in the city.

Inspector of Kothakota, H. Malleswara Rao said he carried out a raid on the house of Ramana and seized land documents and few others incriminating papers.

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