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Fake currency racket busted, three arrested:

The City Task Force (CTF) on Tuesday arrested a notorious criminal and two others for trying to smuggle fake currency into the city, while another is absconding. The CTF team led by ACP I. Chittibabu also seized fake currency of face value of Rs. 6.78 lakh and a country-made 9 mm pistol with two empty magazine clips.
The notorious criminal has been identified as Gurajarapu Nalamaharaju (45), native of Rajanagaram, East Godavari district. He was involved in three murder cases including one triple murder.
According to DCP T. Ravi Kumar Murthy, the accused was involved in a murder case in Rangampeta in 2005, another murder case under One Town Police Station limits in Rajahmundry in 2011 and a triple murder case at Aatreyapuram in East Godavari in 2014.
Nalamaharaju’s close associate Nammi Srinu of Visakhapatnam is absconding. And the other two arrested were Mavuri Chakradhar and Gedela Govindarao, both hailing from Visakhapatnam.

Modus operandi
Nalamahraju and his friend Nammi Srinu had procured fake notes from New Farakka, a town located in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. They had procured Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) with a face value of Rs. 5.93 lakh by paying Rs. 2,07,550 to one Ali, of Malda district in West Bengal. Based on intelligence report, Nalamaharaju was being tracked from Howrah Station in a controlled operation and he was intercepted by the CTF team at the Railway station bus stop here.
“We arrested the two others who have no relation with Nalamaharaju at the same spot after they alighted from the same train,” said CTF ACP I. Chittibabu.
Both Chakradhar and Govindarao, also procured the FICN from Ali in New Farakka and the police seized FICN of face value of Rs. 85,000 from the duo, which they had purchased by paying Rs. 30,000.
Strikingly similar
The seized fake currency notes were in the denomination of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 and they resembled the original, unless and until verified closely. “At a glance anybody can be fooled and the notes can pass off as original. They even got all the water markings close to the original,” said Mr. Ravi Kumar Murthy.
The only differences were that the water markings of Gandhi on the left side of the notes were positioned a bit lower compared to the original and the embossing level of the signatures were not even.
They even got the green security thread close to the original and the only difference was that the FICN lacked the optical variable.
Explaining it the DCP said, “The green security thread in the original turns blue if tilted in one angle. The FICN did not have this. But the differences were so close that it can fool a naked eye and most of us will not bother to look so closely,” said CTF Inspector Mallikarjuna Rao.
Further investigation

The police have launched a manhunt for Nammi Srinu and have taken up hot pursuit to get into the details of the case.

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