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Divya murder case, Gutala Vasanta and five others arrested vizag police

Vizag police achieved a major breakthrough in Divya murder case with the arrest of the main accused Gutala Vasanta and five others here on Sunday.The co-accused are Vasantas sister Manju alias Sandhya, mother Dhanalakshmi, brother-in-law Sanjay, Gita alias Kumar and Divya’s aunt Krantiveni. All the accused were sent to King George Hospital for medical examination. The police till now examined 15 people in connection with the 23-year-old’s murder. According to the police, Vasanta, who gave shelter to Divya, later forced her into prostitution.However, there were differences in distribution of earnings. The murder came to light when locals informed the matter to the police. It is learnt that Divya’s mother, brother and grandmother were also murdered.

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