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3 held on charge of forgery:

Three persons, including a clerk at Visakhapatnam Police Commissionerate, Dasari Trinadh Kumar, were arrested on Monday for allegedly fabricating documents to grant parole to a Vemula Veeraswamy.

Veeraswamy of Machilipatnam in Krishna district was involved in three murder cases and a rape case. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to the Central Prison at Rajahmundry in 2009.

He was transferred to Central Prison at Kadapa in 2013. After five years of sentence, Veeraswamy hatched a plan to come out of the jail on parole and he conspired with his brothers-in-law GLVKP Rao and N Yesu, both natives of Vijayawada.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crimes) T Ravi Kumar Murthy said that GLVKP Rao and Yesu approached Dasari Trinadh Kumar, C2 clerk at Visakhapatnam Commissionerate, who looks after parole matters. Trinadh Kumar allegedly took Rs.35,000 for the favour.

On the guidance of the accused clerk, Veeraswamy applied for parole to the Superintendent of Central Prison, Kadapa, citing that his brothers-in-law Yesu and GLVKP Rao were residents of Old Dairy Farm area in the city and they were not well. The jail authorities forwarded the parole application to the Commissioner of Police for his consideration.

Trinadh Kumar obtained the application and prepared a false document and forged the signatures of the Inspector of Police, Arilova, ACP (Madhurawada) and also Commissioner of Police (in-charge) sent a report to Central Prison, Kadapa, recommending that the authorities release Veeraswamy on parole.

Based on the information from the jail authorities of Kadapa, the city police came to know of the fraud on August 29 and arrested the clerk and two others on Monday.

The accused forged the signatures of the police officials recommending release of a prisoner on parole

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