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Waltair Railway Division achieved highest loading of 61.93 millions

Waltair Division of East Coast Railway (ECoR) has achieved all time record of 61.93 million tonnes which is 9.53% over the last year (56.54 million tonnes) that fetched Rs 7303.52 crores which is 12.10% more than last year (Rs 6515.25 crores). While the ECoR stood first in the Indian Railways, with 192 MT freight, Waltair division is at sixth position, Mathur added.

Waltair division railway manager, MS Mathur, said that on the passenger front, the division transported 36.38 million passengers which is 3.76% higher than the last year ( 35.06 millions) that earned Rs 555.06 crores to the Division which is 6.98% than last Financial year ( Rs 518.86 crores). The DRM said that Waltair Division has a very healthy operating ratio of 33% means that Waltair division is spending 33 paisa to earn 100 paisa. Waltair division has managed to get advertisement revenue from branding freight trains. Generating revenue through advertisements and other non-fare sources is the new strategy of the railway ministry, and the railway zones have been directed to take steps in this regard.

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