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National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) Simhadri generates 12435 MUs of energy in 2018-19

National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) Simhadri Super Thermal Power Plant at Parawada in Visakhapatnam district generated 12,435 million units of power in the present financial year against 1,173 million units of power in the last fiscal, said Arup Ratan Maiti, group general manager of the plant on Friday (29-03-2019).

Arup Ratan Maiti said that the NTPC is the third largest coal-based power company in the world, he added that the plant received low forced outage of only one per cent and Zero Demurrage charges since the mid of last October.

The plant registered 582 accident-free days till March 27, and this could be the live example on how the company handles the operation with utmost care, said Maiti.

He added that the companys energy conservation methods include replacing about 60 per cent the electricity bulbs with LED lights which will lead to a 100 per cent achievement .

In the year 2018-19, more than Rs 5 crore had been spent on different community development programmes such as construction of school buildings, toilets, drinking water plants and skill development programmes. Around 150 young girls who have just passed class 5 will go through a 4 week residential programme at NTPC. The programme has been designed by domain experts and is being conducted in association with Deepti Ladies club of NTPC Simhadri, Maiti added.

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