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Amrit or nectar was in the veins of human beings in Ramarajya metaphorically. What happened since!   Depression, personal, national, natural .Causes and remedies.Shortsightedness.   The last word in all spiritual teachings is God which is irreversible.Teachers and cheaters.
The Supreme was thus analysed by Veda How to assimilate this Truth!   Permanence of creation is the lesson of Veda which nullifies all egos and establishes oneness.   Divine dispensation promotes the love of the Lord.Psalms 103, 104. Veda.
Mass communication is effective in spreading human values.   Psycho-social vitality or consciousness was sought to be built by Veda and Gandhiji. the way.   Divinity vanishes when suffocated by gibberish shrieks, smoke, acts of sacrilege,boon demands.
Seek perfection which is the natural creative process, phenomenon or law.Veda prescribed it.   Path to progress and glory outlined by Rishis and Veda. Soft and sweet words, no titillation.   Growth of a nation is possible with healthy ideas. Decline in India is disheartening.Root cause.
Students should be insulated from unhealthy romanticism. Gandhiji prescribed peaceful anti-dote.   Human values nurtured over ages gave India Ramarajyam reputation now being ruined by neglect. ..   '' Count your blessings'' is the lesson of all scriptures.Christ= stop crying. Veda= start helping.
Weight is measured by several standards. Character is its synonym Reasons for decline.   Peace hormones are promoted by Ram-consciousness. Gandhiji proved it.World needs this manna.   Thinking is being, Seeing God's presence everywhere is saintliness.Veda laid foundations of truth.
Freedom and secularism are abused when falsehood is presented as truth.Expiation provided.   Physiology, Material progress, Human failure, wastage. Remedies,St. Mat. 6-33, Scriptures.   Classical standards, foundation of modern society, artificiality and superficiality notwithstanding.
Hope, Prayer, Devotion and dedication to work or duty are the means for fulfillment in life.   Civilization implies civility and modernity.Most of the mythological stories sound obsolete.   Capability is the aim of life.Human effort is vital. Laxity is baneful.Promote scientific studies.