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2007 heralds Ramayuga, Rama Multi Millennium. The world and mankind get protection by the spiritual mystical power of chanting "Ram Ram" 24times and "Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" 8 times a day which is the psycho nuero immunological restorative and creative sono force above narrow divisions of race, religion, language etc. This is also the basic tenet of Santi Yoga the peace code which makes one experience the joy and greatness of human birth. So become members of peace club with annual membership of Rs. 100/- only and receive books & journals more valuable. Life-membership Rs. 1 Lakh which can be remitted in f/o Santipeetam peace club Trust A/C no. 011-5652, State Bank of India, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam - 530 016. Section 80G Income Tax exemption is available, 14 VCD's can also be obtained from us. 

We have set very noble objects before us.

  1. Ramayan Park.

  2. Rama encyclopedia.

  3. Trilinga mutt.

  4. Tyagaraja Ksethram.

  5. Beggar-free Visakha.

  6. Good human beings, Worthy children.

  7. Peace competitions, prizes from village level.

  8. Peace University.

  9. Proud mother India.

They can be realised if one in thousand people at least gets inspired and motivated. Please take this opportunity and inform as many people as possible. Distribute copies of this appeal and help us.
God Bless you.

Please also visit our web sites www.

Please respond and ask for free copies of brochures, books and VCDs.
Please join us in this endeavour and extend your helping hand.
K. Subba Rao
M. Ramakrsihna Rao
Vice Chairman