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Satirical piece on Stray Dogs - Contribute by Mr. Sohan Hatangadi

Our frequent visitor and occasional contributor Mr Sohan Hatangadi has contributed the following which, though humorous, has a serious message for the GVMC about an important problem Vizagites are facing:


I understand that the GVMC is having difficulty finding stray dogs and that a survey is planned. As a citizen who wishes to help, I am attaching here a few photographs of stray dogs who reside in and around Pandurangapuram Officers Club.

Several young pups indicate that they are breeding well. The mud heaps next to the Club is a paradise for them. They dig out holes there and take a snooze.

Often the Officers Clubs cleaners throw few baskets of garbage over the wall and the dogs rush to eat them wagging their tails in joy. Thanks to the club garbage the dogs get plenty of food and are in good health and spirits.All night long these dogs bark and howl and entertain the entire neighborhood. The Panduranga Temple Road has a lot of morning walkers and the dogs keep themselves entertained by chasing them in packs. More than 100 people use the grounds next to the Club in the morning as their open air toilet. The dogs enjoy themselves intimidating them. It must be difficult to go in the open surrounded by dogs staring at you ... or perhaps it helps to get the job done quickly.

Oh what a wonderful dogs world this is and it deserves a poem.

For we are the dogs that live off the club
We sleep all day and get plenty of grub
In the dark of the night
We bark and we fight
And snarl at the walkers and make a hubbub

For we are the dogs who live off the club
We chase the guys who squat in the shrub
We drop our bowel load
In the middle of the road
Yet we are invisible ... dabba dub dub, dub dub
Couldnt find another rhyme for club

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