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Registration offices are a disgrace

by Sohan Hatangadi

The government is contemplating a revenue booster! But registrar and sub-registrar offices are in horrible condition. Crowded for both staff and those who come for registration, no waiting arrangements, no toilets. No parking. Inside despite COVID the public are forced to go into close proximity with staff and others. It is warm and stuffy, there is no fan. Overall a chaotic unpleasant experience. Outside younger men relieve themselves in the bushes or against walls. Women (many old and feeble) squat or stand around holding it in for hours and hours. Many elderly women and men come to register and they are put through the agony. Pigs run around the area busses and lorrys whizz past on the road within a few feet of those waiting in the sun outside. Dung heaps and waste lie everywhere. This is not a free service. We are paying for every registration. Even a smal sub-registrars office doing 20 registrations a day will be getting a minimum revenue of Rs. 10L. That translates to 2.5 Cr a month even in a small office! Isnt that enough to provide the citizens with the basic necessaries? All we need is adequate parking area, waiting area with chairs and fans, drinking water, toilets, a basin too well our hands after dealing with stamp pads and grimy desks. Attend to this first before trying to boost revenue! Customers come first!

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