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ARAKUS TOP TOURIST ROAD - Contribute by Mr. Sohan Hatangadi

It is a tragedy that the most important road in our most important destination is in this condition for years!The road leads to the APTDCs prime property MAYURI resorts housing around 150 guests. It also leads to the popular coffee museum and the main bus stand. It is impossible to walk on this road and the ride by car is horrible.Plus with the malaria threat now in the media this water filled pot holed road and barely covered drain alongside is heaven for mosquitos.The question to ask is has tourism done anything about this*? Can they take a break from large multi crore project announcements and do something that really counts? At least a formal representation to the local Panchayat? A deal to finance them? Any initiative at all?We are 4 months away from high tourist season. Shouldnt we be fully involved in sorting out this problem?If there is intention to fix this road it can be done in 15 days.

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