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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
PASSAGE EXERCISE BETWEEN ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY AND INDIAN NAVY IN EAST INDIAN OCEAN REGION The Indian Navy (IN) is scheduled to undertake a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in the East Indian Ocean Region from 23 to 24 Sep 20. The exercise would involve the participation of HMAS Hobart from the Australian side and Indian Naval Ships Sahyadri and Karmuk. In addition, an Indian MPA and helicopters from both sides would be participating in the exercise. The exercise, aimed at enhancing interoperability, improving understanding and imbibing best practices from each other, would involve advanced surface and anti-air exercises including weapon firings, seamanship exercises, naval manoeuvres and Cross Deck Flying Operations. PASSEXs are regularly conducted by IN with units of friendly foreign navies, whilst visiting each other’s ports or during a rendezvous at sea. This exercise being conducted in the East Indian Ocean Region, reflects the growing strength of Indo-Australian bilateral relations as comprehensive strategic partners, particularly in defence cooperation in the maritime domain. The exercise, which is in keeping with the strong bond shared by the two navies, would be another step towards strengthening Indo-Australia defence relations and the continued efforts of both Governments to work closely to enhance safety and security of the global commons in accordance with international regulations. The two navies have built a robust relationship through regular exercises such as AUSINDEX conducted biennially. In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exercise would be conducted strictly as a ''non-contact activity'' and would not involve any physical contact between the participating personnel of the two navies.
EAST COAST RAILWAY OBSERVES SWACHHTA PAKHWADA Waltair Division of East Coast Railway is observing Swachhta Pakhwara (fortnight) at its headquarters and all over its units with full zeal from 16th September. This Pakhwara will continue up to 30th September, 2020. Staff and Officers of the Division, passengers and rail users were encouraged to desist from open defecation as well as use of plastic bags in areas approaching stations, trains, o­n tracks, in yards or at home. A review of Swachhta Pakhwara activities for the remaining period has taken priority. The campaign intended to not only involve the employees and their family members but also to bring about behavioural and attitudinal change of rail users through innovative activities so that the ultimate goal of Swachh Rail- Swachh Bharat could be achieved. Swachhta Pakhwara is being organized for creating awareness through various activities like undertaking cleaning of office premises, toilets and wash rooms by providing dustbins in all railway premises including stations & trains, distribution of in-house face masks, sanitizer, liquid soaps and other safety related products, sorting of garbage in bio-degradable and non- degradable category, recycling of garbage and plastic, rain water harvesting, seminar through Video link etc. In an inspirational message Divisional Railway Manager Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava mentioned that swachchta mission evoked a sense of responsibility among the people and citizens now becoming active participants in cleanliness activities across the nation. Railways played an important role in this noble mission to ignite the social responsibility among the travelling public towards the goal of Clean India. Intensive cleanliness and sanitation drives carried out at Waiting Halls, Retiring rooms, station premises at Railway stations with special attention at major stations over the Division. Trains were attended by the Officers and Supervisors to ensure cleanliness. The Banners and Posters displayed at stations to propagate the message of Swachchta and the motto behind the Swachch Bharat Mission. The Division appeals to all the rail users and stakeholders to adopt cleanliness practices and support the mission to make India as Swachch Bharat with the saying Cleanliness is a stepping stone to success.