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Thursday, November 26, 2020
BHARAT SCOUTS AND GUIDES TO ORGANISE ADVENTURE TREKKING CAMPS The Bharat Scouts and Guides organisation is planning to conduct a seven-day adventure and trekking events with the cooperation of National Adventure Institute (NAI), Pachmarhi for the past 10 years. The adventure camps, to be held batch-wise from December 2020 to March 2021. The trekking events and camps will be held in different destinations, including Goa, Dehradun, Gadhpuri and Pachmarhi and are open to persons in the 12 to 45 years age group, who are physically fit and follow COVID -19 norms. The selected persons are eligible to get railway concession.
WALTAIR DIVISION LAUNCHES ''JAN ANDOLAN'' CAMPAIGN FOR COVID-19 APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR Waltair Division has organized Jan Andolan campaign to spread the message of COVID Appropriate Behavior on "Unlock with Precautions". Campaigns are conducted in all the stations, sub divisional offices, Loco sheds with mounting of posters & banners spreading the message of awareness. The Division is also playing jingles and making public announcements through the public address system at all the stations. Distribution of awareness building leaflets, educating the travelling passengers in stations and in trains is also part of the campaign. Social media is also used extensively to disseminate the message of COVID-19 health protocol utilizing all facets of the media. Video walls of major stations are also used for campaign purpose to create public awareness. The railway personnel in different locations have taken pledge to follow and spread the message in their own locality for appropriate behavior of the pandemic. Passengers are requested to maintain COVID-19 health & hygiene protocol, and to avoid overcrowding, maintain physical distancing use masks and face covers, frequent hand wash/ use of hand sanitizers and not to avail train journey if they feel physically unwell. Divisional Railway Manager Chetan Kumar Shrivastava appealed to the passengers to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and to ensure their own safety and that of their co-passengers in fighting the pandemic.