Passport application forms can be obtained  from your Regional Passport Office. In Visakhapatnam the passport office is located close to Sri Kanya theatre, Dondaparthy. The area covered by Visakhapatnam passport office includes East and West Godavari Districts, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam.

The passport application form is self-explanatory. However, the few points listed below will help you become a little more well informed and expedite your application process.

Fees :

Sno.  Fee (in Rs)


Ordinary passport (fresh or in lieu of an expired passport) of 36 pages. 1000
ii) Jumbo passport (fresh or in lieu of an expired passport) of 60 pages. 1500
iii) India-Bangladesh and India-Sri Lanka passport. 500
iv) Observations/Endorsements in the passport e.g. change in address, ECNR endorsement, name of spouse etc. 300
v) Miscellaneous service requiring a new passport booklet of 36 pages. 500
vi) Miscellaneous service requiring issue of a new passport booklet of 60 pages. 700
vii) Ordinary passport booklet containing 36 pages with a maximum validity of five years for minor children below the age of 18 years. 600
viii) Duplicate passport of 36 pages in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen passport. 2500
ix) Duplicate passport of 60 pages in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen passport. 3000

If you are paying the fees by post, then a DD for the amount should be made, in favour of the Passport Officer, Visakhapatnam (Payable at Visakhapatnam).

Note: The Passport Application Form is Machine Readable and will be scanned on the computer.

Documents to be attached with the Passport Application Form:

When applying for a fresh passport attach two copies of the following documents:

1. Proof of address.
2. Proof of Date of Birth.
3. Citizenship document.
4. No Objection Certificate from the Head of the Department if the applicant is a Government, Public Sector or       Statutory Body employee.
5. Attach supporting document if eligible for ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required).
6. Expenditure forms if repatriated by the Government.
7. Emergency Certificate/Passport if ever deported to India.

Note: If an application is being submitted through a representative of the applicant, the documents need to be attested by a GAZETTED Officer or Notary public.

If a person has resided in a particular area for more than a year and doesn't have an Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Ration card/Water bill then you can get a letter from your Mandal Revenue Officer (M.R.O) this is only offered in Andhra Pradesh.

In case of a minor, if anyone of the parents are residing abroad, the consent affidavit raising no objection by the father/mother should be duly attested by the Indian Mission Abroad.

For any grievances contact Passport Officer Ms. Abhilasha Joshi.

For further details on the status of passport applications and general information regarding passports, call the Enquiry Counter at 0891-2745746. Additional specific details are available in the Passport Information Booklet, which can be obtained from the Passport Office. The office timings are from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Fees for other services excluding Tatkaal fee have also been revised. For details visit or

Courtesy : Regional Passport Office, Visakhapatnam.

(The accuracy of this  information was last checked on 11th May, 2005).