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What you think of us - Entries in our Guest Book

Name Address Country Comments Date(dd/mm/yy)
Sandeep Maharanipeta, Vizag India

Amazing site. One of the best that I have seen till date. I am leaving Vizag tomorrow and going to Warangal for MBA. This site will be making me feel at home. I will see this daily. Keep the good work going.

H.G.Harsha naval base, Vizag India

Good. Keep it up. We need to put Vizag on the international scene

D.V.Raman nstl campus Visakhapatnam India

Really this is a great idea to be contact with all the requirements in one place. Thank you.

Rajith s vepagunta(po), Vizag-47. India

Nice! You have to develop more and bring a good image to Vizag

Sandeep pillarisetty Sanford, Florida USA

Hey, this is a really good site, and I enjoy visiting it from time to time... But I see a lot of the articles have not been updated for a long time. I am sure you must be working on them. Good job anyways guys! Vizag rocks!!!

Santosh kumar sahu Kumuti street Gunupur India

It is a nice site by which we can get much information about the town of Vizag..

Raghunath kankala Nevada, USA USA

Its great and I am happy to note some news regarding Vizag.

K.raviteja lalitha nagar, vsp India

You are not updating the news about cinema halls

Siddharth dasari Pedawaltair, Vizag India

Good site

Varun kommadi road Vizag India

Excellent site. Good work.

Sandhya madasu 20 arrowae dr. # d United States

I loved your site. Now I have pictures to show my friends when they ask about my city.

Bhaskar NAD, Visakhapatnam India

Very good site and useful I have been browsing since Vizag only now I am staying in Malaysia still browsing it

Hari krishna bhogi New Orleans USA

Good site. Giving lots of information regarding Vizag.. But the dating link does not work at all.....try to improve it.. Thanks

Sarath kumar nalla Melbourne Australia

I am Sarath from Melbourne of course my native is Vizag. When ever I feel I am missing Vizag means just I will open your website and I will feel as if I am in Vizag. Thanks very much for maintaining this website daily thanks sarath

Srinivas TCS, Mumbai India

Its a nice site

M. Gopala krishna Dwarakanagar, Vizag India

Please improve the dating service

Vissu What do you care USA

Very very disappointed in your "you are a Vizagite.." section. Nothing good is said about Vizag

M.kiran kumar auburn, nsw, Sydney Australia

Nice but need to be more creative and innovative, try to cover as much local news that would benefit for your people living in abroad, thank you bye

M m rahaman 48 keppel road east ham London United kingdom

This is the most extravagant website I have seen as this site reminds me of my days at Vizag. I was born and brought up in Vizag and now I am really missing its essence.

S.Srinivas Maddilapalem, Vizag India

It is very useful for everyone.

Mgbada joe 23 tredo Naija

I love this page.

Dr.jagadish akella Hardwick road Stockton-on-tees United kingdom

I think this is an exciting site, feeling nostalgic at the moment… I am missing Vizag a lot, It definetly is a most beautiful city for me in this world an it means a whole world for me!!! As a Vizagite, can I take the liberty to post some pictures in this site? I wish to meet your team in my next trip to Vizag to extend my personal greetings….meanwhile keep up the good job!!!

Anil kumar vutukuri Akkayyapalem Visakhapatnam India

Hello sir, thanks for your dating service and kindly let me know how to see my inbox like if some body mails me how can I go through that??? Kindly help

Abhishek State college, pa 16801, USA. USA

Please eliminate the pop-up "what's new in Vizag.." which annoyingly pops up every time you press the back button or go back to the home page. This is not the right way to go about managing a website which is otherwise good.

Rashmi mantha Carbondale, Illinois USA

I miss Vizag so much. This site is a great way to keep in touch with your home town even though your hundreds of miles away. keep up the good work. Thanks. Rashmi.

Bora Road new farm Queensland Australia

It is good to see my Vizag online, if you provide chatting online more effectively it will be very useful.

Naresh Katandra road, Ormond, Melbourne. Australia

Your site is giving nice information about the happenings in and around of Vizag city, particularly for people like me who are out of India, all the very best for your team.

Sanjay Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam India

If possible try to moderate the mobile messenger. As on date your operating only tata, airtel and hutch, where no. Of people been taken cell one connection nowadays. I feel glad if you do this as soon as possible, since I am the regular user of 'our' site. Thanks & regards

Sriram MVP colony, Vizag --

This site is very good.. I think I need not say it again because every one knows that. But internet is not only for people of Vizag . I think it I will be good if you can put some wonderful photos of Vizag sites. Like kilasagiri and all .. On the web site so that out people can show them to friends and relatives all over the world. I wish I can see that soon thank you

Madhav Dwarakanagar, Vizag  --

I usually visit these site these site is fantastic all the information about Vizag is here and my suggestion is please update the Vizag information regularly for example some of the news which is scrolling above the top is very old. Thanking you

Amit Germany  --

Great site for Vizagites.. I am really proud of your site.. Being a Vizagite..

Zafrulla khan P.o box 15434 trane co.  --

No comments at present! Keep up the sprit

Vaikund Yerwada, Pune-411006  --

Guys/gals, this is an amazing website. It’s very easy to find out information, fun, and very very helpful. I wish you will keep up the amazing work you have been doing. Thanks & regards, vaikund.

Vijay anand.muddu M.V.P. Colony, Visakhapatnam.  --

It is very good. try to improve more, best wishes from me.

Ravi prasad vangala Roosevelt, Baton rouge  --

I am very happy to see that this website has been maintained in the same way it was when I was in India. It would be however of greater help, if you could update your telephone directory and also make sure that the address is displayed completely because there are many of my friends in Vizag to whom I would like to send surprise gifts. The same applies to many other colleagues of mine in the US from Vizag.

Srinath kota Pleasanton, Texas  --

Vizag has changed a lot, from the time I left India, and this website made me feel that way. Anyway this is a good and informative website for outsiders

Phani.k M.V.P Colony, Vizag  --

It is very great task to gather information about Vizag, it is really good task. I know that it is very difficult task also. Thanking you for providing this wonderful site

Ravi prakash eranki Fahaheel Kuwait  --

This is a suggestion for the Net Savant. If you can have online registration of domain names, it would be beneficial to the users as well as you. Please review possibility of accepting domain registration online. Another suggestion- if it is possible, review introduction of online booking for Indian railways and Indian airlines. This will be a very useful service for all concerned.

Lieutenant deepak bhatia Sector-20, Gandhinagar-382020  --

Having been a resident of this wonderful city for a period of 4 yrs, it does feel great to read so much about it. I am presently on deputation at Gujarat, But am longing to get back to Vizag. I got married whilst I was posted at Vizag, and the memories of that period, i.e 1998-2001 are lifelong. Bravo zulu to the hosts and administrators of this site...keep it up

Uday Charlottesville, Virginia  -- has done a very good job of reconstructing Vizag close to its entirety on the internet. Now I don't miss my city as much as I used to! I feel I am right inside the action! Excellent work by all you people. Keep it up!

Anil Lingampally  --

Please improve the search in the telephone directory. The site is really good. A good effort from the creator of the website.

Ajay Kailashmetta. Waltair uplands  --

This is a very useful site

Aruna 315 south hester #1 stillwater  --

My beautiful Vizag!!!!!!!! I love your website!!!!!

Bob sonti Calabasas, ca  --

Hi there, just surfing and got to your site. Very interesting site. Just left Vizag last month and hopefully will be there by june2003, at which time I might drop in and say hello personally. Got lot to share with you guys! Till then, keep up the good work! So long, bob!

Y.bala krishna Safat, Kuwait Kuwait

Your site very attractive and useful for nris like me

Srinivasan Chennai India

The site was well maintained with useful topics. The most I liked, which other sites don't offer, is cellphone messenger. But I sent some 5 sms thru this service but nothing reached the recipient. The site also asks for email id but the reply is sent to the isp email id. This is not fair. Kindly look into. Congrats for the useful, informative and interactive site. All the best

Murli adury Kirkland, Washington U.S.A

I found this website very enjoyable. The content and the quality of the articles, features were very good. I was expecting to find bad grammar and spelling mistakes (quite common in Indian websites) but was pleasantly surprised to see the attention to detail. The best thing about this website is that it is funny and doesn't take itself seriously. Yet, living thousand of miles away in Seattle, u.s. I felt a nostalgia for my home town, Vizag. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

Raju dantuluri Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Site has improved a lot with the recent modifications, congrats for the good job. However, I have few suggestions for further improvement. 1) there are many things which can be added to shopping, may beyoucan have a look at the rediff and other websites for better ideas.. Also the flower pictures you displayed are not at all attractive, I am sure product is but the way it is displayed here isn’t attracting. 2) why don’t you put some interesting discussion items where the visitors can participate and have fun, just like It need not be specific to any subject like movies but some thing like experiences with Vizag and Vizag places and so on.. You just start such section and I am sure it will be carried forward with all topics increasing the number of hits to your site. Good luck!!! Thanks.. Raju

Sridhar ongc colony panvel, mumbai India


Sivaram prasad yarlagadda St. Louis, mo USA

Good job buddy. Even I am from Vizag. Its good for people from Vizag to browse the site. I feel at home when I see this site, even though I am far from Vizag.

Darshana India

Your city is very beautiful. I love it.

Munnish East Point Colony, Vizag  --

I've been transferred to Vizag recently. Before coming here I never knew that this is perhaps the most beautiful place in India (which I feel now it is) & you guys have made life more simple & added the beauty of the town. Good job.

J.naskar Steel city, Vizag .  --

Expect to get good services from this website.

Girish kumar St. Louis, missouri -- 

I am Vizagite studied in lb college and lived Malkapuram upto 1999. This website helps me to find the old friends phone numbers depending on their last names. Thanks girish

Harikishan Seethammadhara, Vizag  --

The website was very informative covering each and every field. I congratulate the people who are behind this whole effort. Great!! You made the Vizag people proud!

P.trinatha rao Kancharapalem Visakhapatnam  --

Yeah, some good work has been done. It is good

Y.bala krishna Safat, Kuwait  --

Your site excellent. It is very useful for non-resident Indians like me, especially who belongs to Vizag.

Prasad kodukula binova bhave road Kolkata India

Many thanks for giving such a wonderful information about Vizag.

K.rajagopalan mylapore chennai India

Info. On tourist places around Vizag, facilities available like lodging, hotels, eating-house, the tariffs, the transport facilities to visit places of interest is lacking. Any daily conducted tours are available by private or apstc or rtc. Please Include those. Thanks raju

Ramani Michigan, U.S.A U.S.A

Hi this is first time I am seeing this one. I am excited to see. Is there any special services to nri 's ???? Like postal mail or what ever...?

Ravindranath pasumarthy grandhalayam st., anakapalli  --

Please provide mobile messanger to send sms to even mobiles in other countries.

Raj emandi Tampa, fl 33614 -- 

Interesting site for people from Vizag. Looked at some of your eshopping. Since it is mainely for people living around Vizag, why don't you also introduce some food delivery through some of the restaurants advertised through your site so that we can order food from out side of Vizag to delivery within Vizag to the families. It will be lot of fun and looks like will be good business. Thank you

Surendra k taman berlian, kulim  --

Good site..! But try to make it more dynamic and attractive.. The pages look dull and old fashioned..! Try to improve the design..! Good services being offered, and try to increase the products in the shopping site. Thank you..!

Guru saran Telco colony Jamshedpur India

Excellent site. Add a search engine to make this site more useful. Keep up the good work!

Shishir Andheri  --

Is this site a part of the website?

Somayajulu Dutch house apartment Visakhapatnam India

Sir, you have done marvelous job. The people who are away abroad in various countries will certainly feel at home when they browse. They need not feel that they are missing something of Vizag. Keep it up

Kamesh Delhi India

I have been born and bought up in Delhi, however, I feel I am at Vizag the moment I log on to this site. In fact I try to find the old Vizag which I used to visit in my child hood days. My parents used to stay near reading room in the town. given the choice i would like to come back to my routes in Vizag. Oh yes the site is really wonderful if only lot may people could chat on this site.

Shridevi glenhuntly; Melbourne  --

Hey, my brother informed about this site for cellular messaging purpose but what I reckon is you guys have done a great job. The site is beautiful. It makes me feel absolutely at home in my very own Vizag. Great work guys, keep it up.

Mampa AU college of engineering waltair -- 

Hey boss update your site its boring believe me I know about Vizag more than u

Vijay narayan Eaton green road, luton,beds -- 

It would be better to improve the photographs, you can get some more in the site, its would be better if have some sunrise snaps than sunset...I am not trying to insult, we feel better when we have a look at our home town, I really appreciate the website, anyway thank you.......

T t ramchandra Near cannought palace new delhi India

Maja aa gya.

Aditya kiran waltair uplands, Visakhapatnam India

This is a very useful site for the people of Vizag. keep it up!!!

Imtiaz ali Copernicuslaan 19, the hague The netherlands

Very happy to see such a good website about Vizag. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it. You have almost all information about Vizag on this website.

Pulkit satwara ahmedabad, gujarat. India

I am employee of Ahmedabad municipal corporation. I like the website. Your information is so good.

Narayana Green park, Vizag Mumbai & Vizag, india

Please replace the old photographs with more clear pictures as it not giving people a good impression about scenic Vizag. Whoever sees these pictures will not be impressed. 1) Use a good camera 2) use a high-resolution scanner.

Manoj kumar newcastle upon tyne, United kingdom

Hi.. this site is really good and helpful.. keep it up..

M.v.krishna dutch house layout, Visakhapatnam India

Found to be very useful, informative and entertaining. Suggest should have more categories in your e-shop. Liked the way all information is given with a touch of humour.

Vijay East point colony Vizag India

Hai! This is vijay. I am a native of Vizag residing in madras. I will regularly log into Vizagcityonline to know the details of Vizag. your updating the site well. We a batch of Vizagates will regularly open this site and know the details.

Satish kumar sriharipuram Visakhapatnam-11 India

Sir, you have built a site in marvelous way. but I assist that if it possible you please list all railway timing and reservation updations. It can helpful to our Vizagities and all tourists and one more thing when you will starting online railway reservations which will more reliable and time consuming to all our citizens

Jayanthi.l Gopalapatnam, Visakhapatnam India

I like to view info on Though I am in Doha, I feel I was at home

Pratap reddy 7b laurel Eden wood thane  --

Site is very informative and well developed ..A boon to people in Vizag and also to people out of Vizag visiting. Hope this innovative form of providing service and information for a city is extended to other cities too.

Praveen g siddavarapu Columbus,  --

The site was excellent.

Rajasekhar bhogi Fremont, ca-94536  --

Hi, you are maintaining very good information. But I couldn't find out the search facility in your site. It would be very nice if you provide search facility.

Venkata uma mahesh dabbada 455 s Harvard avenue  --

I really liked Vizag on my pc. It is like I am back in my mother's lap. I appreciate the people behind this.

Seetarama raju New York, USA  --

I almost visit this sight daily to check the 'todays happenings' and 'city news' links. I am basically a Vizagaite, from a village called revidi (near bhimili) to be presize. You have done an excellent job in creating this site. I think a forum for nris from Vizag would also help. Think about it. Bye

Sripal Choolai, Chennai  --

I miss Vizag

Sunita dendukuri dakota dunes, sd, USA  --

Hai, I am a Vizagee by marriage I am glad I made my favorite town my home. The website you have developed is wonderful, please keep adding further information (don't forget we nri's). I was wondering if there is a way for you to accept contributions to the site in the form on various topics. I have many interesting things to share with my fellow Vizagees. Thanking you, suniat Ramakrishna

Dr. S krishna babu Visakhapatnam steel plant, Visakhapatnam.  --

Today for the first time I visited your site. It is very fine. & colourful. After visiting your site for atleast another one or two times I will give my comments. Thank you krishna babu

Sri  -- --

Hai. My heartful congrats for developing such a never before compiled information at one time on beloved Vizag. My special thanks for “pollution watch”.

Arun nair  -- --

Hi, hey guys you have done a great job! I am new to Vizag and I could get all the info I needed right here in your fabulous site. I would like to suggest some changes which can enhance your site, like improving the tourist site with easy to read and road maps, best time to visit and other specialties. As I told you me is new here and I was very disappointed to find the dating section down with upgradation, I know you guys are trying to help by simplifying the registration process, but please do make it fast, I could do very well with some good n cool friends who could guide me around here. I needed to ask you guys another thing, have you heard about the new water world which was supposed to come up here in Vizag. I read about it some time back have you any news about it- is it open now, if so where? Could you find me some details about freaky places to visit, have you got a discotheque here? Reply me with all these details if it is not inconvenient 4 u, I think I have bombarded you with tons of questions but kindly adjust! Ha ha. I will have to keep in touch with you guys as I am planning to tear this sleepy town with fashion shows, and exclusive dance nites. I will require your patronage, but of course details about

Sri  -- --

I am surprised, after all your efforts to show our beautiful Vizag as best as you can, how can you have such a stupid section. ‘You are Vizagite when..’, that too on top!. It saddened me. Every city has its own negative points. No need to highlight silly negative points on such a nice web site on Vizag. Would you poke your own eye? My request is to be more sensitive… thanks, and hope to remove that section or atleast someone edit it.

Abhishek  -- --

The chat area is a big fart! No one seems to be online

Ravi  -- --

Hello my name is ravi your site is excellent but I think you have missed one thing. I have not seen any online application for credit cards I think it will be good if you launch it in your site.

Chandra bhushan chevuru  -- --

Your site is very good and very new ventures can be seen daily specially the cell phone messaging is good

Rajesh agarwal -- --

Its very a good site for every one

Kn murthy  -- --

Hi, Vizag online it is very nice web site for me because I always stay at mumbai, thanks for your nice master mind

Chandra bhushan chevuru  -- --

Your site is very good and very new ventures can be seen daily specially the cell phone messaging is good

Jaya lakshmi  -- --

It is a useful to all. Thank you for creating a good website. And I hope it will develop more

Ravi  -- --

Hello my name is ravi your site is excellent but I think you have missed one thing. I haven’t seen any online application for credit cards. I think it will good if you launch it in your site.

Abhishek  -- --

The chat area is a big fart! No one seems to be online

Capt ips malhotra  -- --

Hi there, the site has improved a lot with many new pages. Congrats and keep up the good work. The flight timings to and from Vizag have been rescheduled. You will need to update this page. Wishing the very best and much success. Brgds/inder

Mohan kishore  -- --

Very nice and informative would be more nice if there are separate columns for situations vacant and curriculum vitae (resume)

Sudhakar  -- --

This is one of the best websites on Vizag city, I have ever seen. I think you may provide more info about the history and its people who had brought good name to this beautiful and historic city of Andhra Pradesh.

Suneetha  -- --

There is no search button in this web site. And very poor customer service. No response after signing the guest book. Necessary information is not provided. I requested to send some information regarding all the temples and schools which are in M.V.P. Colony. But there is no response. If the information is not available, you can mail to us about the non-availability of the information

Brittany jannie jones  -- --

A very lovely place and I would love to visit it one day

Er k.s.rao  -- --

Hi, I am a pucca Vizagite, being born and brought up here. Studied in AVN college and AU engineering College. I find your website compelling and addictive. I thoroughly enjoyed all the definitions of being a Vizagite. I wish to add some soon. Notwithstanding the entire pun & fun Vizag is a great city indeed. I am proud to be a viagite good luck to the site. K.s.rao

Ijhar  -- --

Its amazing site, its very help full I like this site please improve your chat room all is good is site

Ritu  -- --

Would like to commend you on your awesome site on Vizag! Someone very special to me lives in Vizag serving the Indian navy and therefore it as a very special meaning to me. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive, insightful website wit such beautiful slides and photo gallery as well, depicting the very best of this beautiful port city! I sure will visit Vizag during my next trip to Indian and will let my friends here share this wonderful gem of this port city through your website. Until maybe they can visit it too! :-) Question can you have a floral/or gift ordering/delivery facility through your site for folks like me who would like to send gifts to our friends in Vizag? With online payment? Thanks! And keep up the great site on Vizag! : - ) ritu, belmont, California.

Mazhar  -- --

Keep up the good work. I left in 1977 and visited Vizag many times. However, my last visit was last year after 11 years. I was here for a few days with my family and was pleased to note the progress. I still have many friends here and carry the pleasant memories of my childhood. Wishing you all the best regd. M.farookhi

Vijjapu triyambaka rao  -- --

It is a very good site. While surfing this site, I really felt that I was in Vizag. Thank you for giving this experience. I wish you to grow still more

Rakesh anand  -- --

The satellite picture of the city is great. I liked it a lot.

Sirisha  -- --

Nice site…keep updated…. good luck

Satyananda reddy medapati  -- --

Hey no problem! It was intrusting to recollect and seeing Vizag in whole after missing it since 1 year as I am in USA and I was born and brought up in Vizag…it is a good site…from now on I found a way to kill my free time….Vizagezine!-----satya

Kssraju  -- --

U r site is fine good going

Ramrao  -- --

Excellent site to those who wants every on Vizag

Chakradhar valluripalli  -- --

That was a heck of a job. Keep the good work going. I was not aware that Vizag has a beautiful website to describe it beauty to the full. Keep doing better. Chakradhar

B.n.ashok  -- --

It is a nice experience surfing your site. The following facilities not functioning: 1.railway reservation

Subbarao  -- --

Great site

Anil murty  -- --

I think this is a great idea. I would also like to ask you if I could contribute to the site, by writing an article or something of that sort. Do tell me if that is possible. Thank you.

Ramakrishna  -- --

I felt very happy on checking my hometown on web. Even though I am in Vizag for sometime. Thanks a lot. Nice site and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Sunil kumar ps  -- --

Ae maa voorini inta andamga pradasithunanduku dhanya vaadamulu

Raghu vamsi  -- --

Dear authority, this is raghuvamsi. Uriti from new jersey, USA working as web designer at titan implants inc., u.s.a (division). Felt great and glad with the web site. Very informative and very pleasant. A small piece of advise to make it more informative. I request a link to the local tel.nos. Of the people of Vizag city. This would be the best source for the people to stay in touch with each other with much ease. I really appreciate your response, regards, vamshi

S.shyamsundar  -- --

Hi I am shyam! I am too from Vizag, your site is really great!

Mohan  -- --

I lived in Vizag for more than 20 years and had my education up to bachelors at Vizag. I always felt that there couldn’t be a better city to live in this world than Vizag though I saw little of this world outside India. I never knew about this site and I am surprised that I never bothered to see if there is one. I am very happy to see the site. I have not yet browsed through the whole of it, but I got excited just knowing that there is a site on Vizag. I will certainly send more comments once I look into it fully. Thanks a lot for hosting the site on a city that is so close to my heart.

Sudheer  -- --

I would like to request you to discard/edit profiles (in the Vizag dating section) of people who use extreme profanity/vulgarity. The site is being excellently maintained and as a Vizagite I hope to see the site maintain its respectability. Hope you will mind my request.-sudheer

Rajendra  -- --

This site is awesome……its too good……..rajendra…….memphis, tn/USA……

Adduri s.v.durga prasad  -- --

It is very surprising news for me, that there is a site on our Visakhapatnam, oh, thank you very much to net savant. Because of them I can see Vizag from here…

Murali krishna atluri  -- --

Today is the first time I logged into your site and it is interesting

Jai  -- --

Short & sweet!!! Keep up the good work!!! Cheers jai

K.srinivas  -- --

Your site on Visakhapatnam is very informative for people like me who are studying outside. It is really a good site.

Rajashekar s vedula  -- --

Hello friends, congratulations on doing such a wonderful job, of hosting the web on Vizag. I am a Vizagite, but we shifted over to surat Gujarat, from where I came to the u.s.a. I appreciate your efforts in building up the site and if the road map can be made more precisely like the ones made here, you can zoom and see individual streets and so on, it would be even better.

Chanti  -- --

I pleased with the web site Vizagcityonline. It is giving almost information to the people living in Vizag. It is flag should always fly high.

Siva prasad madisa  -- --

Good work. I really appreciate it!

Lakshmi cherukuri  -- --

This site gave an opportunity to re gather all the aesthetic feeling of Vizag. Thanks for the coverage. Thrilled to see separate web site for our beloved Vizag.

S.p.dora babu --  --

Great arts. Thank you very much for putting it on net.

Vitthal --  --

This is the best site I have ever seen. It has every thing (a-z), keep it up. Thank you. Bye. Love vitthal

Vijay  -- --

Hey this is really a cool site. I just saw this site and as a Vizagite I really feel great to browse it.

Ramesh  -- --

Please make a platform for dating of older (and wiser…) people. Ramesh

Aparisim ghosh  -- --

Please make a platform for dating of older (and wiser…) people. Ramesh

Lakshmipathi raju kopella  -- --

I am a Vizagite in antigua, west Indies. This site yours thrilled my brains out. Thanks a million

Sidharth varma  -- --

Your website is the most comprehensive website on Visakhapatnam offering great facilities like internet booking but I seem to have a problem with cancellation of tickets which i don’t seem to get right no matter what I do. Every time I cancel a ticket I get a “password not existing” message, which really irks me out, as I have to lose my id and create a new one. Please try to see that your systems work right and I sure hope you get many oters on your online booking list. Yours faithfully, g.sidharth varma.

Srinivas  -- --

Well organised. Thanks for updated information

Elizabeth blazak  -- --

Please do consider including a section on places of worship. I love the site. Three generations of my family were born in Vizag. I hope to visit it next year.

T.p.suresh kumar  -- --

Sir, I am very much interested in our city own website. It was simply superb & it was so much useful to me so that I can know the day to day happenings & news. But one thing I want to suggest you is in the telephone directory it will be highlight if you provide the facility for all the places in India. Even though it is difficult it can be achieved if you try. And one more thing I want to say is please kindly update the information & in Vizag there many beauties & parks like vuda park etc., which r not included in the list. I made my friends here fans of this website. I being a citizen of Vizag love my city very very much & want it to be the no: 1 in our country, in all aspects. I daily visit this site twice. Lastly I want to say thanks for Net Savant for making this site so much interesting & help to increase the popularity of our city. Thank you very much suresh 1-152, susarla colony, butchirajupalem, Vizag-27. Now I am in trichy studying in trichy studying engg final year in ece dept.

Smita Prasad  -- --

Hey, Thank you very much for choosing my essay as the winner entry. It has given me more confidence than before. Wish you would put in more contests such as this. Apart from this I would like to congratulate all on the staff working to make this website a walk down memory lane for vizagites living elsewhere in the world. Hope more interactive ideas come up!!! Congratulations once again, and do keep up the good work. With best wishes, Smita Prasad

Durga Prasad  -- --

It is very informative and I will appreciate the efforts kept by the company that prepared this site. Thanks Prasad

Ravi  -- --

You can include more photographs in the site. And it will be a great idea to market your site a tourism Portal.

Rathinavelu  -- --

This site gives all-important information about vizag. It is very useful and informative. Please continue the good effort and arrange to include more interesting items also. Please update all the information. Dear Dr. Srinivasa Reddy please arrange to include our bank name in the list of bank column. Bye bye. With best wishes p.r.

Vidya guru  -- --

Having 2 toddlers is sometimes at my wit end whenever they fall sick. Both my children are very prone to diarrhea. Dr. Rajini’s article was a real blessing in disguise. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more articles on baby care.---vidya.

Satish Gadi  -- --

Wonderful site for Vizagites!

Capt. I.P.S.Malhotra  -- --

It appears that many persons in vizag are unaware of this site and the various facilities and info offered. An endeavor should be made to advertise through newspaper inserts / adverts. Please keep up the good work.

Anilkumardaita  -- --

The site is excellent. I liked it. Thanks for the creators.

Kasukhela Sridhar  -- --

Hello, Vizagcityonline! It is wicked site, I must say. I have a little request – about the post card places (Bheemunipatnam, aruku…) can you also give some information about how to get there? That would be very helpful. For example, how to get the Buddhist Excavations? Thanks and Regards Sridhar

Sowjanya vijiapurapu  -- --

It is excellent, but it would be more nice if you could place some more scenic pictures of our beautiful city which could be sent to other away from home as sweet reminders!!! Keep up the good work.


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