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Plain idlis have a very insipid taste. Idli at breakfast time is monotonous because they are easy and fast to make. Here are a few recipes to make idli time -- fun time.


Green peas (shelled,boiled and mashed) -- 25gm.
Cabbage (chopped, boiled and mashed) ----- 25gm.
Carrot (chopped,boiled and mashed) ------ 1
Onion (chopped finely) --- 1 small
Potato (chopped, boiled and mashed) --- 1
Rice (soaked in water for 6hours) -- 1 cup
Urad daal and Channa Daal (soaked in water for 6 hours -- 1/8 cup each
coconut -- 1/2 (milk extracted)
Ginger (chopped) -- 1/4"
Green chillies chopped -- 4-5
Coconut grated -- 1tsp.
Cumin seeds -- 1/2 tsp.
Soda bicarb.-- a pinch
Salt -- to taste


Grind the rice, daals, cumin seeds, ginger and chillies to a fine paste. Mix in the other things with coconut milk in order to form an idli consistency batter. Keep aside for 1 hour. Grease idli stand bowls with oil and fill about 3/4 with batter. Steam idlis till they are well cooked. Serve hot.

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