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250 gms.
250 gms. 
1 tsp   
1 tsp   
1 tsp  

1 tsp 
:  Cooked fish
:  Boiled and mashed potatoes
:  Ghee or butter
:  Milk
:  Beaten egg
:  Oil for frying
:  Chilli power or chopped green chillies
:  Salt to taste
:  Paste of ginger and clove
:  Bread crumbs for coating


In addition to the above ingredients, also add one lemon, a few good sized tomatoes and about 150 gms. boiled green peas cooked and tossed in ghee or butter, coriander leaves for dressing the tomato sauce.  

Remove all bones and skin from the cooked fish and mix thoroughly with mashed potatoes into a smooth paste adding little butter and milk in it.  Add salt, chillies, ginger and clove paste and squeeze into it a little lemon juice.  Divide the thoroughly mixed paste into portions and shape them round and flat.

Dip these one by one in beaten egg and coat well with bread crumbs.  Heat ghee in a frying pan and fry the coated shapes well, until golden brown, and drain in paper.

Serve hot on a plate surrounded by sliced tomatoes, onion and lemon.

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