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Ingredients :

Eggs -- 6
Oil -- 2tsp
Onions -- 2
Tomatoes -- 3-4
Aniseed -- 1/2tsp


Fresh grated coconut -- 1/2cup
Garlic -- 5 flakes
Ginger -- 1 inch piece
Coriander leaves -- 1 bunch
Dhania powder -- 11/2tsp
Green Chillies -- 4-5
Turmeric powder -- 1/2tsp
Onion -- 2
Tomatoes -- 2
Salt -- as required


Break egg and beat with salt, pepper, and a little garam masala. Mix little diced onions and coriander leaves. Pour this into small cups and steam in a pressure cooker in low flame till it sets.

For gravy :

Cut onions and tomatoes finely. Heat oil, season with aniseed and curry leaves, fry onions till transclusent add tomatoes and fry well till soft and mashed well. Pour the ground mixture and fry till a good smell comes from it. Add little sugar if desired. Pour enough water and allow the gravy to boil for a few minutes. Take the steamed egg mixture (which is already set),put it in the gravy, boil for a few minutes in a low flame and serve with chopped coriander leaves and fresh lime.

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