Recipes - Sweet-tooth



This is a sweet snack which is generally made on special occasions in all regions.

Ingredients :

Black gram daal -- 250gm.
Sugar --- 300gm.
Oil --- 200gm.
Orange colour --- a pinch.


Soak daal for 4-5 hours. Grind into a very smooth paste without adding much orange colour to the smooth batter. Transfer small amounts of the batter into a cloth bag which has a small buttonhole, so that when pressed,the batter comes out of the hole. Press the batter out of the bag, directly into the oil in the shape of concentric circles. Fry until it is done and drop into syrup. Remove after it has absorbed sufficient sugar syrup.

Yield == 10 servings
Protein = 4.8gm.
Calcium = 159gm.
Iron = 2.5mg
Thiamine = 0.21mg
Riboflavin = 0.23mg
Niacin = 1.1mg
Calories = 554.

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