Shed those Summer Kilos

The mango days have came to an end, and the monsoon showers have come. All this summer you must have been in a holiday mood and would have been visiting somebody or have had somebody visiting you. There were weddings, gatherings, parties and of course afternoon siestas.

So there have been days of pampering yourself with cool drinks, ice-creams, sweets, mangoes, milkshakes and what not. If you checked your weight before summer and after summer you will find that you have put on a few kilos (except for the few lucky ones whose metabolic rate is so high that they do not put on weight no matter what they eat).

If you need help on shedding those summer kilos, consider the following options :

For those who enjoy the outdoors, there is nothing like a brisk walk or a jog with the cool monsoon breeze.

Timings best suitable
: Early morning around sunrise or late in the evening around sunset. For this you will need a nice pair of walking shoes and preferably salwars or slacks.

Best places :

i. The beach road, as there is a foot path and no hawkers in the morning, and the view and music of the waves is really energizing, gearing you up for the day, and the cool breeze from Bay of Bengal caressing you.

ii. Around the engineering colleges of A.U

iii. For those around Akkayyapalem, Seethammadhara, Narasimhanagar, Shanthipuram, Railway New Colony etc, The Nehru Sports Complex known as 'Port stadium' on NH5 is a nice option. It is clean and green and with the backdrop of the hills, is quiet good. But you have to have an entry pass and it will be available for a period of 3 months with a fee of Rs.60 in the office.

iv. Else your apartment's terrace or your colony roads with less traffic could be another option.


If you feel you are not the outdoor type, then you have the option of skipping indoors, using a cycling machine, or going up and down the stairs of your apartment if you are energetic enough (Avoid this if you have joint pains, or are above 40 - an age when arthritis generally sets in). You can always join the gym in your locality - some of them offer aerobics too.

Again you need a pair of shoes, long cotton T-shirts, sweat bands and loose cotton slacks.

Yoga is a wonderful option giving you health for the body and soul. You can contact the Yoga village on the beach road, to take classes till you get familiar.


Those of you who want to get back to shape faster, many reputed institutes in our city nowadays promise the transformation. To name a few, there is highly reputed Anoos behind Tycoon at Siripuram, there is Anu's at CBM compound near Timpany School, Innovative Cure, Cosmos at East Point Colony near Vuda Park.

If you take care of your health in time, then you will lead a much happier life. You will look good, and feel great! All the best!

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