Our Special Friends

By Rashmi Singhal

My little friends, a big Hello! from me to all of you.  I am sure most of you have pets, or have kept pets, or would like to keep one desperately.  We have all admired and appreciated animals and birds, at one time or another.  These are all God's very own special creatures that help us form a stronger bond between nature and mankind.

Believe you  me, it's no easy matter to keep a pet, as it requires immense commitment and dedication.  One has to spend quality time with them, making sure that all their primary needs are met with.  It also needs an endless stream of love and affection.  If all these come naturally to you, then having a pet in the house will be very easy and the rewards most beneficial.

Most animals and birds that are kept as pets, are highly intelligent, faithful and sociable.  They can understand, and are even capable of independent thinking.  Dogs account for most of these qualities and have been a companion of man since time immemorial.  As companions, pets provide an abiding friendship and a meaningful relationship to man.   They live with us, sharing our joys and sorrows.  Keeping pets in the house also keeps away loneliness, as social scientists have found.  Pets certainly have a direct impact on children as growing up with pets help in their temperament, and children learn, sharing and how to be compassionate.

Communicating with a pet provides immense satisfaction and that makes them ideal companions.

The relationship between man and animal ever since the stone age has been an enduring one.  Pets give us pleasure and teach us better ways of living life with patience, contentment and love.

So, always be kind to animals and birds, give them love and respect and you'll always gain from this.

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