Let us remeber Discipline

By Rashmi Singhal

We all know that children need discipline. There is a beautiful definition of discipline: "Discipline is the structure that an adult sets up for a child's life". It is designed to allow him or her to fit into the real world happily and effectively. The discipline set up by parents is the foundation of the child's own self discipline later. It is within this structure that the child has real choices for behaviour.

Here are a few helpful pointers that parents can keep in mind:-

1) It is best for children to have reasonable limits keeping in mind the age and maturity of a child. As a family, if the necessary rules and limits are set at home and practiced then it will be much easier for children to follow them.

2) Parents must explain the value of the magic words 'Please', 'Thanking you', 'Sorry', as these values and mannerisms are best imbibed when parents act as role models and set correct examples.

3) Children should be taught never to waste, never to litter and mess up places, never to deface anything or cause damage anywhere.

4) It is necessary to teach children how to be polite and considerate. If it is done in a friendly spirit they are proud to learn. Speaking politely while answering the phone or when talking to elders definitely portrays parents' hard work.

5) Teaching a child to respect his personal possessions and belongings and other things at home will in turn make him respect other people's valuables and personal items.

6) If a child is taught how to behave in public places and follow a code of conduct especially in clubs, restaurants, libraries etc, the parents themselves will enjoy the outing and be more relaxed.

There is a need for parents to provide a special routine, an uninterrupted time for the child. Reward positive behaviour, ignore minor transgressions, set routines for meals, sleep and chores and also offer practical choices whenever the need arises. Being strict on such aspects always pays off.

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