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SPEAKING CHALK is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated men and women volunteers. Founded in 2016, and coordinated since then by Sandhya Venugopal Godey, today it is a team of more than 45 volunteers that is involved in teaching and imparting life skills to about 800 students studying in classes I to IX. These students come from extremely economically challenged families.

Speaking Chalk aims to bring on to a common platform, citizens of the city who are willing to make the time and dedicate an hour of their time every week to teach students and also motivate and encourage them through various non classroom methods of interaction.
1. To improve the conversational and comprehension standard of English and thereby other subjects.
2. To encourage students to participate, with adequate preparation in activities other than classroom interactions.
3. Use non- classroom teaching methods such as role play, drama, songs, writing and games to improve proficiency and confidence.
4. To introduce and counsel students on career options.
5. Encourage and motivate students to understand subject and respond to questions in their own words.
6. Replicate this volunteer model in as many schools as possible.
A competition conducted for about 75 students of class 9, the ‘Dare to Dream’ challenge tested the skills they were taught during the academic year.
NINE students selected on the merit of their performance, will be flown to Hyderabad and back to Visakhapatnam. The purpose of this trip is to show them the possibilities that hard work and dedication can bring into their lives.
The volunteers along with their friends and families have been instrumental is providing the following to the students :
1. Dictionaries - 300 students
2. Setting up of a library along with two cupboards for the books.
3. Notebooks for a few students.
4. 500 litre R.O plant for drinking water donated by Indian Oil Ltd.
5. 75 school bags
6. Part Tuition fees to 50 students.
7. Snacks and biscuits to 800 students.
8. 3 Prizes to each class and small gifts to rest of the class for 18 classes during valedictory function of Speaking Chalk.
SPEAKING CHALK will be starting classes in a GVMC school from June 2018.

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Posted On: Saturday, May 5, 2018

I would like to have an English teacher with M.A./PhD in English to do the proofreading of my book titled "Safe Rigging Principles and Practices" which has been accepted for publishing in the UK. It has about `112,000 words and runs into some 225 pages /A-4 size (444 pages in A-5 size). . It is not very mathematical. Any person who has studied up to High School with elementary physics and mathematics can understand it.Please confirm if such a person is available with your organisation.Reasonable compensation shall be given.Regards.- S. Saran,General Manager (Env. & Safety) -Retd., RINL/VSP.