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World Heritage Day- Walk & Talk - by Jayshree Hatangadi

The World Heritage Day is observed every year across world on April 18th Observance of day aims to spread awareness importance of protecting and preserving various sites around our City & World that have achieved a heritage status and having outstanding universal values. This year 2019, theme of the day is Heritage for Generations, emphasising on inter-generational transfer of knowledge. Vizag is blessed with a range of Heritage related topics & stories that are best shared together. As part of this, various Talk & Walk programmes are being organised by Jayshree Hatangadi. On 18th April at 06.00 am - Talk & Walk, starting top of Ross Hill Church called: 180 degrees & 6 stories at sunrise, and, on 20th April at 16.15 hrs Walk & Talk starting at the Buddhist Site Bojjanakonda, Anakapalle called Stories with Reas excavation notes at sunset.

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