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6 things needed in Visakhapatnam Airport NOW!

The air-traffic from Visakhapatnam Airport has rapidly increased in the last two years and a lot of travelers tend to stand outside the airport to pass time until their flights arrive. Taking into consideration that Vizag will be developed as a Smart City, it is high time that advanced developments should be made at the airport too because as we all know, the first impression is the best impression. In comparison to the airports of other big cities, Vizag airport is ill equipped and does not have many interesting amenities for travelers. Here is a list of things that we want Visakhapatnam Airport to add for peoples good.

The small duty free shop at the Vizag Airport does no justice to the huge crowd it serves daily. Being an international airport, we feel that Visakhapatnam deserves huge stores like those in Delhi. Difficult task considering Vizag is small in radius, but not impossible.
Believe me or not, better toilets are the best thing that the Vizag Airport authorities can do for passengers. Hygiene is the only thing we cannot compromise on and the condition of toilets does not suit the International standards, or any standards really.
Rooms should be made available for baby care and nursing to make it easy for mothers to deal with little babies. Doesnt this make sense!
The present seating arrangement is really uncomfortable with badly soiled seats. New seating arrangement is needed at the airport and also, multiple mobile/laptop charging slots will be of great help.
Food is the only thing we die for and not having a good place to eat at the airport makes our heart ache. Good eateries should be added at the airport ASAP for traveler convenience.
The present lounge in the airport is in bad shape and needs improvements. A better lounge with good amenities and a bar with hookah will definitely make us happy. Even Vizag railway station has a luxury lounge and food court the likes of which we never dreamt of. Not sure if permissions will be granted for the same but no harm in wishing.

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