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The saga of bravery enthrals:

An all woman Odia drama Abhimanu ra Chakravyuha Bheda staged by amateur artistes has floored spectators at Ukkunagaram, the township of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

It was for the first time that a saga of bravery from the epic Mahabharat was enacted by women under the banner of Utkalika Cultural Association at Sri Jagannath temple complex as part of the nine day Rath Yatra festival, on Wednesday evening.

The 90-minute drama displayed how Abhimanu fought valiantly to lead the army by entering the ‘Chakravyuha’ without knowing how to exit. The drama, which was applauded by the audience, was directed by UCA secretary A.P. Sahu.

The main character Abhimanyu was donned by Purawee Priyadarshinee. The king character of Pandava and Kaurav was played by Puspashree Das and Mausumi Das respectively. Bhima and Jayadratha roles were played by Pragyamita Sahu and Rashmita Panda. The roleof Dronacharya was donned by Sukshyanika Mishra and that of Uttara by Smruti Patnaik.

Stage decoration and special effects were supported by in-house experts. Props and stage decoration was done by Dipankar Das. Noted director R.P. Sahoo said the drama was enacted with perfection.

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