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Acid attack rattles police, doctors in Visakhapatnam

The late night acid attack on Balaji Bhushan Patnaik, a paediatrician at a corporate hospital, on Tuesday has shaken the police and the medical fraternity.This is the first such acid attack in the city, and the way it was carried out has sent the police into a thinking mode.The doctor, in his early 30s, moved from Odisha about four years ago. The attack took place near Pandimetta area, when he was returning home after duty.Initially, it was presumed that there were three attackers, but now it seems there were only two.

The attackers probably followed him from the hospital and when the doctor approached a secluded spot, they rammed his car with their bike.When the doctor stepped out of the vehicle to check what had happened, one of the attackers allegedly poured the acid on his face, said DCP (Law and Order) K. Fakeerappa.Writhing in pain, the doctor was moved to the hospital where he works, and according to doctors in the hospital, he suffered severe acid burns on the face and his eyes might be in danger. Hospital sources said he underwent an emergency surgery on one of his eyes on Wednesday.According to initial assessment, the attackers reportedly poured a concentrated form of nitric acid.
First of its kind
According to the police, this was the first of its kind in the city, when someone was attacked with acid by unknown persons."We are unable to ascertain the reason. The doctor has a record of being an affable person, and unless we get a clue we will be groping in the dark. We are exploring all angles, including patient animosity, and the attack looks to be a well-planned one," said a senior police officer.
Teams formed
The police have formed teams to investigate into the case and have collected the CC TV footages from the apartments located close to the spot.The CLUES team was also deployed to pick up vital leads.Meanwhile the medical fraternity in the city has been shaken up."It came as a rude shock to us. He is very young and a promising doctor and has a young wife and a small kid. The attack indicates that no one is safe," said a colleague.

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