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Department of Adult Education, known for educating the illiterates, is now in bad limelight because of illegal appointments carried out in it. Appointments of 46 Supervisors in its department are carried out against the rules and orders passed by the Supreme Court, Govt and RTE Act. 9 of these supervisors are appointed as PAs to Ministers, MLAs & MLCs. This clearly resembles the Law makers attitude towards law. As per the orders Saksha Bharat Mission got over in March 2018 and the Supervisors cease to exist. Even after the termination of the mission these supervisors continued and received an amount of Rs.7,36,32,691 of Public Money for Seven Months as salaries.

Even knowing that there is no work under Sakshar Bharat (Adult Education), State Govt carried out an appointment of a Supervisor on 22/06/2018. This clearly indicates the level of political influence in the Department. Not only withstanding to this Department is now planning to recruit more Supervisors.
All these irregularities have come to limelight because of an RTI application filed by an RTI Activist Mr. Kandregula Venakata Ramana also Co-ordinator of Public Forum. He had shared the following details to the Media during the Press Meet organised at Happy Function Hall on Saturday, 03/11/2018.

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