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ICFAI Business School organized Faculty Knowledge Program held at Visakhapatnam:

Theme of the Faculty Knowledge program organized by ICFAI Business School at Visakhapatnam was Interactive Tools Add Fun Element to Classroom. The activities goes all day starting from Financial Accounting followed by Statistics, Business Computing and Economics.
K.S Venu Gopal, HoD of marketing department-IBS said, "In todays competitive scenario, the stress is not only about embracing technology but also to incorporate interactive tools such as case study, simulations and business games to make the teaching-learning process an engrossing experience." Further he added, "Adopting creative teaching methods would work wonders in the long run. The trick lies in making the students more participative through case studies. Such tools offer the practical exposure to the aspirants and help them absorb the subject effectively in any discipline."
HoD of IBS Soft skill department, Mahesh Kumar Soma introduces several lecturers and asst. professor from Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam district to a digital presentation.
Attendee Lecturers and asst. Professor felt the session was very helpful in term of teaching way. Hari Krishna Prasad, assistant professor of Maharajahs Post Graduate College, Vizianagaram, said"It is imperative to create a conducive learning environment for students. When we adopt innovative teaching concepts, it not only enhances the student-connect but also helps us to stand out as a faculty member."

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