Lingua Vizagca

So you know Telugu and you know English. Not good enough. You might be left wondering if there is something wrong with your hearing or your comprehension if you don't know the language of Today's Vizagites. Here is a guide to understanding the new generation of Vizagites:

Antha Scene Ledhu Antha Seenu Ledu

Can't be done or not capable of doing

Pedda Pudingi Laaga Pedda Pudingi Laaga

As if he knows everything

Kamma Kattaku Kamma Kattaku

Stop boasting

Self Dabba Self Dabba

Boasting about one's abilities/achievements

Sutthi Kottaku Sutthi Kottaku

Don't bore me

Katthi Laaga Undhi Katthi Laaga Undhi

Excellent, Super (contributed by Ms. Lalitha)

Veera Level Veera Level

High standard (contributed by Mr. Krishna)

Too much ga vundi Too much ga vundi

High standard (contributed by Mr. Vidhyadhar)

Scene Sitara Ayyindi Scene Sitara Ayyindi

Everything went wrong (contributed by Mr. Vidhyadhar)

Veshaleyyaku Veshaleyyaku

Don't play games

Adhirindhi Adhirindhi

Very fine (contributed by Mr. Srinivas V.)

Tassa Ravva Tassa Ravva

Exclamation (contributed by Dr. Prasad N.V. -- Tata)

Moyyaku Guru Moyyaku Guru

Don't embarrass me (contributed by Dr. Prasad N.V. -- Tata)

Laaginchestha Laaginchestha

I would leave (contributed by Srinivas Vadlamudi)

Six Pelindi Six Pelindi

You have been outwitted (contributed by Avanija Sharma)

Tiruguledu Guru Tiruguledu Guru

No body can beat you in anything (contributed by Prasanth Jadaprolu)

Teda Guru Teda Guru

Not Normal (contributed by Prasanth Jadaprolu)

Thaggamma Nuvvu Thaggamma Nuvvu

Calm Down (contributed by Chandra S Avvaru)

Hand Evvaddu Hand Evvaddu

Don't ditch me ! (contributed by Srinivas G.)

Kullaku babu Kullaku babu Don't play fowl jokes (contributed by SKduvvi)
Extralu vaddura babai Extralu vaddura babai Don't perform too much (contributed by Srikanth)
Thaggipo Thaggipo Cool Down (contributed by Srikanth)
O.. A loddhamma OA loddhamma

No over actions (contributed by VVN Murthy ,Camp: Denver, USA)

CAT laaga thayarayyavu CAT laaga thayarayyavu

Got prepared/facial make up done like a CAT (Classified American Teenager). (contributed by VVN Murthy ,Camp: Denver, USA)

Light ga Theesukora Lightga Teesukora
ADVD Evadidhi Vaadidhe Pay yourself (Dola Chandra Sekhar, Minneapolis, USA)


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