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Mujashri Begum

Our artist for the month of April & May is Mujashri Begum. She is a self taught artist, who out of sheer interest in the subject, dabbled in water-colours, oils and mixed media. Later as she gained proficiency in her art, she trained under the eminent portrait artist Sri S. S. Vara Prasad "Sannala", the Vice President of the Andhra Academy of Arts, Vijayawada.

Ms. Mujashri Begum has won many awards, a few of them being, the Young Talent Award in 1985, Sahiti Kala Nilayam - Calcutta in 1994, Vinay Academy Award of Hyderabad in 1995 and Vrunda Arts Association Awards in 1997. Her art speaks for itself, portrays many a rustic setting and is typical of rural life in India.

Oil Painting Oil Painting Oil Painting
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Oil Painting Oil Painting
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