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Ms. Lakkamsetti Sreelatha

Ms. Lakkamsetti Sreelatha has done her schooling mostly in North India, graduated from Madras University and completed her B.Ed. from Chandigarh.

Being an Air Commodore's daughter she had the opportunity to travel wide and learn various arts. Her flare for art and handicrafts started right from her childhood which later became her hobby and finally turned into a profession (passion).

As a child she used to make small dolls out of waste material and other articles too like pencil holders, decorative dustbins, wall hangings etc. At the age of 21 she took a few months training in oil painting on canvas and tile. By this stage she had improved in her painting considerably and as the years rolled by, with continuous practice in painting on various textures like canvas, felt, fabric, porcelain, tile, glass etc., she gained mastery in this field.

She has held two exhibitions at home and one in Hotel Daspalla. The exhibition not only displayed her paintings but also handicrafts made entirely by her at home.

It was her parents encouragement, support and guidance that helped her gain excellence in art works like stitching, doll making, interior decoration, flower arrangement and painting on different surfaces like fabric, nib, glass and pot, for which she conducts classes.


Picture 1

Picture 2

(Painting on Fabric)

(Oil Painting on Canvas)

Picture 3

Picture 4

(Nib Painting)

(Nib Painting)

Picture 5

Picture 6

(Painting on Fabric)

(Painting on Fabric)

Picture 7

Picture 8

(Stain Glass Painting - Under the Glass)

(Stain Glass Painting - Above the Glass)

Picture 9

(Water Painting)

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