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Mr. S. F. Simon

Mr. S. F. Simon's versatility can be compared with the seven notes of Music - a painter, singer, writer, actor, costume designer, director and a tennis player, he has strived and achieved perfection in whatever he has taken up. To top it all, he is an excellent teacher.

Mr. Simon has spent the major part of his life in Vizag. His interest in painting stems from the deep rooted artist that he is. This in-born talent he pursued in his leisure hours, in addition to holding a responsible position in Coromandel fertilizers.

His paintings, vibrant with depth and life, are done in shades of greens and browns, true to his Taurian element - the Earth. The insight into life and its intricacies as displayed in his paintings bestows on the viewer an inner peace and serenity.


Rabindranath Tagore Doctor's Visit Reflections
Rabindranath Tagore (Colour Pencil) Doctor's Visit (Colour Pencil) Reflections (Oil)
Maid at work Taj Mahal By the riverside
Maid at work (Oil) Taj Mahal (Oil) By the riverside (Oil)

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