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Ms. M. Padmaja
Ms. M. Padmaja

About our artist:  Ms. M. Padmaja from Visakhapatnam.

Every piece of art created by M. Padmaja portrays versatility and imaginativeness. In fact, one cannot miss the Shilparamam-styled drawings on the corridor walls of Padmaja's home. Aesthetic taste depicting closeness to nature is evident in Padmaja's works of art and her home is often filled with the sweet smell of seasonal flowers, decorated in a cauldron filled with water.

Her tryst with art started during her childhood years. An early starter, Padmaja's first framed painting was painted when she was 11 years old. She painted a fish being flung above the rough waves in the ocean and this painting remains close to her heart. 

Later, she went to Chennai and acquired professional tips on her passion, which has enabled her to effortlessly dabble with most medium of art, be it ceramic pots, wax candles, water, oil or charcoal paintings, pencil sketches, Tanjore painting, paper and organdy flower making, embroidery, fabric painting, mehendi designs, quick crafts, glass paintings, moulding and intricate jewellery making with beads, silver and gold. Padmaja imparts these skills by conducting various hobby classes titled 'Prakrti' for children during holidays.

All along these years, Padmaja completed her MA in Hindi Literature with a B.Ed degree, she then started to teach Hindi and Arts in Timpany School (ICSE) in the city. While teaching at school occupies most part of the day, she manages to put in a couple of hours every now and then and paints on different themes. 'Ganesha'- the deity's image dominates most of her paintings and she also has a collection of Ganesha idols from a miniature size of 5 cms made of mercury and silver to bigger idols in lacquer, ceramic, clay, crystal and other metals.

"If time would permit, my dream is to make a 8 feet tall painting of Lord Venkateswara with Padmavathi, for my hubby M. Madhusudhan" says Padmaja. A small private place to pursue her works of art at home is another dream she wants to realise.

Padmaja also undertakes works on order. Interested persons can email their requirements to:

Oil painting of Bala Krishna with Tanjore (jewellery) Glass painting depicting infant Krishna Ganesha and Shiva Lingam with ceramic borders and diyas Pencil sketch of a snake charmer on paper
Water colour painting of Lord Ganesha Fabric painting of a peacock on silk saree Embossed ceramic work of a bird in the nest Two-layered nib sketch of warriors on chart paper
Ceramic moulds of a house and a garden Embroidered Minakari work on cloth Ceramic pots with Plaster of Paris flowers and leaves Necklace and earrings in red and black beads beaded with a gold wire
Padmaja's first framed water colour painting of a fish flung above the waves in the ocean Water colour on paper

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