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Ms. Anuradha Kancharala

About our artist:
Our artist, Ms Anuradha Kancharala, is an artist of great natural talent. Her specialty is Tanjore paintings, in which she blends the traditional with the modern - something that is rarely seen in conventional Tanjore art. Her pictures are an embodiment of her devotion to art, that is further enhanced by her unfettered imagination.

Though Tanjore is her specialty, none of her paintings have been done using traditional Tanjore techniques. There are no size limitations and any theme can be adopted to portray this art-form effectively. Though this style lays emphasis on pictures of Gods, Ms Anuradha has used this to incorporate nature and furniture with as much finesse. Tanjore paintings use materials like muck, gold foil, semi-precious stones, poster colours, fevicol, water and termite-proof plywood as raw materials.

Ms Anuradha's talent extends into oil paintings as well and she has made many copies of famous artists, which have been indeed commendable as far their reproductions are concerned. She is very particular about the technique she follows as well as about the quality and size of the brushes she uses. She has proved herself in other media like Water colour, Marble painting, Thermocol work, Micro-tip painting, Wax-moulding sculpture, Sand painting, Menakari work, Figure and Art work.

Sand Painting Embossed Art work Figure and art work: Copper shade photo Vinayaka with two dancing girl photos Wax Moulding Sculpture: South Indian Thali meal
Menakari Work: Painting of a Lady Water Colour: Japanese Painting Water Colour: Japanese Painting Menakari Work: Painting of a Lady
Fountain made of thermocol Micro-tip Painting: Russian Art / Sweeper Micro-tip Painting: Russian Art / Fisherman Oil Painting with Tanjore (Jewellery)
Oil Painting with Tanjore (Jewellery) Oil Painting with Tanjore (Jewellery) Adapted Tanjore Oil Painting with  (Gold Foil)

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