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Monday, March 30, 2020
INDIAN RAILWAYS TO REFUND FOR ALL TICKETS FOR JOURNEY PERIOD FROM 21ST MARCH - 14TH APRIL 2020 Indian Railways has decided to refund fully for all tickets for journey period from 21st March - 14th April 2020, in view of cancellation of all passenger trains and all passenger ticketing upto 14th April 2020. For Counter booked PRS Tickets, tickets cancelled prior to 27th March, passengers have to file TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) with journey details by filling a form to Chief Commercial Manager (CCM)(Claims) or Chief Claims Officer (CCO) of any Zonal Railways Head Quarters upto the period 21st June 2020, for availing balance refund amount. Railways shall provide a utility through which the passenger can avail refund of balance amount so deducted during cancellation of such tickets. Tickets cancelled after 27th March, will be fully refunded in respect of all such cancellation. Passengers who booked E-tickets and cancelled prior to 27th March, will be refunded balance amount to the account of the passenger from which tickets was booked. IRCTC shall prepare a utility for providing the balance refund amount. Full refund shall be payable to e-tickets cancelled after 27th March in respect of all such cancellations for which provisions has already been made.

Thursday, March 26, 2020
CANCELLATION OF TRAIN SERVIES EXTENDED TILL 14 FEB 2020 Indian Railways is working 24/7 for the supply of essential commodities across the country Operation of freight trains is continuing while passenger train services are suspended in wake of corona virus (COVID-19) Commodities like Food grains, Salt, Sugar, milk, edible oil, onions, fruits & vegetables, Petroleum products, Coal, Fertilizers etc. are being loaded at Railway terminals Due to the pandemic of corona virus, Indian Railways has suspended the operations of passenger train services across the country till 31st March 2020. Currently, Indian Railways is operating only freight trains across the country. Indian Railways is making all efforts to ensure availability of essential commodities through its uninterrupted freight services. During the situation of lockdown in various States, Indian Railways Staff deployed at various good sheds, stations and control offices is working on 24/7 basis to ensure that the supply of essential items for the nation does not gets affected. On 23rd March 2020, total 474 rakes were loaded for essential commodities like food grains, salt, edible oil, sugar, milk, fruits and vegetables, onion, Coal and Petroleum products. During the day, total 891 rakes were loaded by Indian Railways which also includes other important commodities like 121 rakes of Iron ore, 48 rakes of steel, 25 rakes of cement, 28 rakes of fertilizer, 106 rakes of container etc. Close coordination is being maintained with the State Governments so that rakes of essential commodities are handled smoothly without any delay, amidst various restriction imposed in the wake of Covid-19. Indian Railways has slashed the demurrage and wharfage rates for goods and parcel at half of the prescribed rates till 31.03.2020. Validity of the rate policies pertaining to goods/container traffic has also been extended by one month i.e. up to 30.04.2020. No haulage charge shall be levied for movement of empty containers/empty flat wagons from 24.03.2020 to 30.04.2020. Free time for loading/unloading of wagons and free time for removal of consignment from railway premises has been increased to double of the prescribed free time till 31.03.20. To monitor the uninterrupted movement of essential commodities over Indian Railway system, an Emergency freight control is working in the Ministry of Railways. Freight movement is being closely monitored by officials at very senior level. Indian Railways staff deployed in control rooms for operation of freight trains, line staff, maintenance staff, security personnel and medical staff in Railway hospitals is working continuously 24/7. Indian Railways understands its crucial role during this difficult time and requests all the stakeholders to fully support in ensuring faster loading and unloading of essential supplies.

Monday, March 23, 2020
RAILWAYS RELAXED REFUND RULES FOR TICKET CANCELLATION To avoid over crowding at railway stations amid coronavirus outbreak in the country, Indian Railways has relaxed train ticket cancellation rules. This relaxation is for train journey between 21st March to 21st June. Indian Railways has advised passengers to avoid non-essential travel and sudden crowding of trains or the refund counters in view of rising coronavirus cases in the country. In the wake of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) scare, refund amount pertaining to the cancellation of tickets can now be collected within 45 days instead of 3 days (72 hours) fixed earlier.